New Titanic Book Coming Soon!

January 1, 1970 jwick21 0 Comments

An aerospace engineer reveals the truth about the Titanic disaster, why it really sank, and how the British government sabotaged Senator William Alden Smith’s Senate hearings in order to cover up the real cause of the tragedy.

Learn about:

  • The Titanic sailing to America unfinished as Harland & Wolff workers frantically tried to complete it.
  • Photographic evidence showing that the Titanic could have easily steered around the iceberg.
  • Evidence that damage beyond what the iceberg caused vastly accelerated the Titanic’s sinking.
  • White Star Lines and millionaire J.P. Morgan’s attempts to suppress the truth about the Titanic sinking.


John Wickman reveals what happened to the Titanic through the eyes of the people who sailed on her and those who tried to get at the truth. This historical and dramatic account of the Titanic and the investigation afterwards uses eyewitness accounts, official testimony, newspaper accounts, and analysis of the Titanic’s design to provide the most accurate and complete picture of the Titanic sinking to date. Discover the truth that was hidden for over a century!

(ISBN  978-0-9841800-0-4).

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